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Know someone interested in a Disney vacation?

At Fairytale Journeys by Jen, I know that a referral is the best compliment you can give the company.

To reward those who refer business, I offer the following incentives:


Once your referral has completed their trip, you will receive:


$10 Disney Gift Card per Referral (Up to 10 Referrals)

$15 Disney Gift Card per Referral (11-20 Referrals)

$20 Disney Gift Card per Referral (21+ Referrals) 


You may choose to keep these Disney Gift Cards on file to use on a future trip

or they can be sent to you direct on an as earned basis.


Please note that Fairytale Journeys by Jen does not share any of your private information with others.

You may elect to remove yourself from Magical Rewards at any time.

If you elect to remove yourself from this program, please email Fairytale Journeys by Jen at


To sign up for "Magical Rewards" click below:


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